Coaches Corner

The Gator coaches work tirelessly to bring out the best in our swimmers.  The Gators have a long tradition of excellence, exemplified by our peerless coaching staff.  Whether it's a simple smile, a pat on the back or a spirited pep-talk, Gator coaches will do what it takes to bring out the best in each and every swimmer they mentor.

Our Coaches

Desiree Burbank
New Head Coach in 2018

Coach Des
Coach Desiree Burbank, known as Coach Des, began swimming when she was 9 yrs old. Raised in Fremont, she attended Hirsh, Horner, and Irvington.  She started off with EBSL's Kennedy Seals, from ages 9-12. Making many friends who lived in Warm Springs at Horner in 7th grade, she left the Seals for the then newly established Gators. She swam with the Gators, ages 13 and 14.  Then, she swam year round for Fremont Area Swim Team (FAST) for 3 yrs and then Mission San Jose Aquatics (MSJA) for her senior year. During Coach Des's junior year, Water Polo became an official high school sports program in Fremont.  She played water polo for her junior and senior year at IHS, Stanford Water Polo Club, West Coast Aquatics, her freshman year at UC Davis and one season with Ohlone College.  

Coach Des is very proud of her swim and polo career.  She's been MVP, Most Inspirational, and Team Captain her junior and senior yrs in swim and water polo.  She participated in NCS throughout high school, Far Westerns, and Junior Olympics in water polo. She even met swimmers Janet Evans and Summer Sanders...AND got within feet of Michael Phelps!  Pretty cool, huh?  Coach Des has been fortunate to have had wonderful coaches throughout her years in both swim and polo and contributes all of these wonderful experiences and excellent coaches to have helped mold her into the swimmer and ultimately the coach she strives to be today. 

Coach Des began teaching swimming when she was 13 with Fremont Swim School (now American Swim Academy) where she worked for 3 yrs.  She also worked for SwimAmerica for 5 seasons, MSJA's Fall Swim Team, The Seals Team for 2 seasons, and WHS Girl's Water Polo team in 2012.  She took a few years off of coaching to focus on teaching.  

Coach Des teaches 4th grade at Warm Springs Elementary School.  Come say hi to her in Room 39, she loves visitors!  She's been teaching there for 4 yrs and has been the Girl's Basketball Coach for the last 4 yrs, too. She enjoys encouraging students to be healthy and active as much as possible which is vital for a happy and healthy life. 

Coach Des loves being around children and coaching them in any sport, especially swimming; two of her great passions.  She loves to push her swimmers to do the best they can, instill confidence in them, and teach that trying hard always has its rewards (and not just getting first place)......and best of all, watching those beautiful smiles appear on their faces when they are proud of themselves!  Coach Des tries to encourage kids to be good people by using their manners, being friendly and helpful to others, and being a positive influence.  Having good sportsmanship and healthy competition are also two things she highly values.  Coach Des loves EBSL - the sense of community and family-oriented atmosphere it has created over the years is unique and one to preserve.  Coach Des is very excited to be coaching for the Gators, getting to know the swimmers and families, and of course having a lot of fun! Go Gators!

Warm Springs Coach Alumni

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 1992Rocky Pagan^ 
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 2016, 2018 Desiree Burbank*^
 2017 Jonathan Malapira
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 2017 Casey Primeau*
 2017 Amy Laus*
(* = Gator Alumni; ^ = EBSL Alumni; + = Gator Parent)