Gator Awards

The Warm Springs Gators Swimming Team has a steep tradition of awards and recognition of achievement.  Each season there is a large culminating event capping our season in the form of an Awards Night Celebration.  Each season this event occurs shortly after the EBSL Championship Meet.  The criteria is listed below for all of the Gator Awards.

One common element in all of these awards is recognizing swimmer dedication via participation and commitment to their Gator Team.  Over the seasons, the coaches, spirit coordinator(s), and the board of directors, have worked diligently to ensure the quality of these awards.  Be sure to recognize that the recipients of these awards are fully deserving and achievement is distinctive within each award.  The awards receive full scrutiny from the determining parties to ensure that their is full respect for both the deserving recipient(s) and of the award itself.  In some instances, to respect the awards, there have been seasons when there were no deserving recipients, in a particular age group.

To ensure proper time to produce certificates and plaques for the Awards Night Presentation the criteria excludes the championship week, the final week.  None of the scoring or events that take place during the championship meet affect these awards.  All the points an individual swimmer scores are determined at the conclusion of the final dual meet.