Meet Info

When coming to a meet, please keep in mind the parking and drop off restrictions, available here.

Missing a Meet

If you cannot make a meet, Click this link.
By clicking the above link I understand the following:
1) I should include my swimmer(s) full name, age, and which meet they're missing.
2) This link does not clear parents from job responsibilities during said meet.
3) I should click the above link before 6:00 PM on Monday the week of the upcoming Saturday meet.
4) Late notice is not appreciated, as it will cause multiple disruptions during the Saturday meet.

If a swimmer is missing a meet this season, please click on the link above and select the meet that will be missed on the tab at the bottom of the page.
There is a separate sheet located at the bottom of the page for EACH meet. Please make sure to fill out ALL INFORMATION asked and correctly.
Each swimmer needs to be entered individually. Please DO NOT enter multiple swimmers on one line. Please make sure all information is correct before you exit out of the google doc.

If information is entered later than the TUESDAY before the upcoming meet being missed, it causes a huge issue for both teams and could affect the potential swimmer
from being asked to attend EBSL Championships.

IMPORTANT: If you have sent an email regarding ANY meet being missed following Time Trials please re-enter the information.
Due to heavy email volume, we are only entering information for upcoming Time Trials.

Thanks so much for notifying us of any absence!

Meet Schedule

Home Meets are in green, away meets are in blue.

Please note that we will only have a designated hangout after away meets.

The 2019 meet schedule is not yet posted.  Please check back later.

(Click here to download the schedule)

Gator Meet Schedule

Things to Know

Or, how to survive a swim meet with your sanity intact!

  1. Come prepared.  The list of things to bring (below) is based on real world experience from many Gator families.  It's better to have an item and not need it, then not have it and wish you did.
  2. Arrive early.  Seriously.  Your swimmer will need time to warm up.  Most pools have limited parking, so you'll need to allow time to park and possibly walk some distance.
  3. Once you arrive, find the heat sheets (a list of events and who is swimming in them) and write down the events your swimmer is participating in (or take a photo).  You may also want to write your swimmers events on their arm or back of the hand with a Sharpie.
  4. Do your volunteer job.  Swim meets are staffed by volunteers.  That means you!  You will be assigned a volunteer job at almost every meet.  Do it well.  A well run meet is only well run when everyone does their job.  Everyone is counting on you.  Jobs include timing, clerking, announcing, etc.  For home meets, there is also setup and clean up.
  5. Cheer.
  6. Have fun!  It's why you're here.

Things to Bring

The no-nonsense list.
  • Swim gear for your swimmer: Suit, goggles, cap.  This should be obvious, right?
  • Extra goggles and swim cap.  They break and tear.
  • Sharpie.  To write your swimmers heat info on their arm.  For you first timers, this may sound weird, but once you see it done, you'll see the wisdom.
  • Towels.  It's a swim meet.  People get wet.
  • Shade.  An umbrella, pop-up or tent.  It gets hot and sunny and you'll be glad you have a place to retreat to.
  • Hat, sun block, sun glasses.
  • Chairs.  Seating is often limited.
  • A pic-nic blanket or sleeping bag to spread out on the ground.  Swimmers often want to rest between heats.  Optionally, a tarp to go under the blanket.  Sometimes the grass is wet.
  • Food.  4 hours in the hot sun makes for hungry swimmers.
  • Water or sports drinks.  4 hours in the hot sun makes for thirsty swimmers.
  • Money.  In case you want to visit the snack shack or buy raffle tickets.
  • Buddy gift.  For your buddy, of course!
  • Good attitude.  Swim meets are fun places to be.  Be ready to cheer and have a great time.
  • (Optional) Wagon.  To carry it all in.