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Code Of Conduct

Swimmers and parents/guardians must understand and agree to the following rules, procedures, and consequences



● No foul or disrespectful language at any practice, meet, or Gator function

● No running, climbing, and/or rough-housing

● No skateboard, bicycle and/or roller blades on or around the pool or Cabana club property/parking lot

If these items are used as transportation to/from practices, they must be put in the bike rack

● Respect Cabana Club property as well as the property of all other clubs; leave the restrooms clean and tidy

● One piece swimsuits only for our female swimmers; this applies to practices and meets

Disregard for these rules will not be tolerated and may result in the swimmer being asked to leave practice


● New swimmers must attend 75% of practices. Returning swimmers must attend 60% of practices

Any swimmer who does not meet attendance requirements will not compete in the next meet

● Arrive at practice 5 minutes before start time. Leave the pool area directly after practice

● Show respect to Coach(es), parents, fellow swimmers and members of opposing teams at all times

● Support the team and display common courtesy at all times

● Assist in cleanup of the swim team’s area after practices and meet, including away meets

● One piece swimsuits only for our female swimmers; this applies to practices and swim meets


● Accept seeding decisions without complaining

● Report to waiting area promptly. A swimmer missing assigned heat will be scratched from the event.

● Stay inside pool deck area throughout meet.

Attendance/commitment to practices and meets is vital for the development of the swimmer and considered a commitment that all WSA Gators make to the team.


● Understand and encourage swimmer to follow rules. Parent responsible for any damages caused by swimmer

● Understand and support swimmer in attendance, punctuality, and behavior at practices and meets.

● Do not interrupt practice for any reason, other than an emergency

● Notify coaches ASAP through the online “missing a meet” portal (no later than the preceding Tuesday) if

swimmer is unable to participate in meet.

● Fulfill volunteer requirements; find replacement for shift if necessary. Penalties apply Volunteer Requirements.

● For issues w/coaches, board, or Cabana club, contact board member to discuss at appropriate time and place.

● Abide by, and do not complain about, Coaches’ decisions regarding swimmer’s events and seeding.

This included Championship Meet decisions. Not ALL swimmers will attend Championships.

● Show good sportsmanship and speak respectfully to all coaches and officials (Gator or opposing team)

● I understand that any threatening behavior by me toward any Coach, swimmer or other person on deck will result in my swimmer’s immediate removal from the team.


In cases of swimmer’s disregard for rules/procedures, the coach will make a determination based on the situation,

which may include (a) verbal warning; (b) removal from practice; (c) swimmer pulled from next meet; and/or (d) swimmer dismissed from team. In cases (c), or (d) the board will be consulted and the parent will be provided with written documentation of the event.

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