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Gators Buddy

The buddy system has been a long Gator tradition for our swimmers to encourage each other. Gator buddies of all ages help each other feel welcome on the team! Buddies encourage and cheer for each other and spend time together during the meets.

Just remember that it’s about having fun and cheering and supporting one another, whether it’s a new friend, or someone you’ve known for years. Often buddies choose to give each other gifts, but please remember that gifts do not need to be expensive, or too fancy. It is the thought that counts!

Some great ways to show your buddy that you care are:

* Make a card or write a letter of encouragement

* Make a plate of cookies, or bring a treat for them to enjoy between races

* Be there with their towel as they finish a race

* Bring a game to play with your buddy

* Did we mention how much hungry Gators love food? Surprise your buddy with a snack bar treat.

* Get creative and your buddy will so enjoy whatever you do for them!

Being a Gator buddy is supposed to be fun! Just show them they matter and that you are thinking of them. Make an effort to spend time with your buddy and get to know them!

FYI New Swimmers…Practice Our Gator Cheers:

Who rocks the house? I say the Gators rock the house! And when the Gators rock the house, they rock it all the way down!” (Repeat)

“Gators in the front, let me hear you grunt…Oh!

Gators in the back, show’em where it’s at…Oh!

Gators Oh! Gators Oh! Gators Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Give me a G…G! Give me an A…A! Give me a T…T! Give me an O…O! Give me an R…R! What’s that spell? GATORS! I can’t hear you! GATORS!!! GOOOOOO GATORS!!!”

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